Half a sketch with my new Wacom Inkling

So for my birthday Tracey got me a cool new toy to play with, the Wacom Inkling.  Basically the device allows you to sketch on normal paper using its pen and it will record every stroke and store it digitally.  You can then upload the image to the computer and work on it in whatever graphics program you wish.

So after it all charged up I couldn’t wait to try it out so I read what minimalistic instructions there were and quickly scribbled down a pivotal moment in Hulk / Thor relations:

So the notepad I used (and it can be absolutely any) is about A5 size but it handles standard A4. Unfortunately I must have missed something in the instructions because the pen didn’t start transmitting until an entire Hulk in.

But it did capture the Thor half and I thought it might be cool to show you a video capture of what it actually records:

So a couple of lines are off but that’s because I moved the page around a lot, by a lot I really mean a lot as well I thought for sure at one point I’d been too rough but it’s quite robust.

Should prove a lot of fun when I work all the bits out.

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